Variant Analysis

  • Variant association with disease or response, including level of correlation and role as a biomarker
  • Clinical relevance of a gene variant, with supporting evidence from trials, Guidelines, and approval documents
  • advancements in variant discoveries by accessing new gene variant information

Biomarker Knowledge & Discovery

  • Biomarkers and their uses across the full spectrum of drug discovery and development; risk, protection, diagnosis, prognosis, efficacy, safety and resistance
  • Clinical and preclinical qualification of the biomarkers along with their correlation to the endpoints.

Ontology Development

  • Develop ontology for Indications, Drugs, Technologies, Companies, Target s,Tissues, Processes, Organisms, Localizations, Cell Lines, Molecular Functions, Patient Segment, and Trial Endpoints
  • MeSH, ICD, GO, PubChem, MedDRA, CDISC, SNOMED etc