Publishing Houses

Content Enrichment Services

Abstracting, indexing, Semantic enrichment and taxonomy-based classification for seamless integration of public and proprietary data

Indexing and Abstracting
  • Custom content mining of STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) literature with special emphasis on taxonomy, thesaurus and ontology.
  • Semantic tagging of genes, proteins, diseases, compounds, biological processes, experimental methods, cell lines, clinical trials, study end points, biomarkers, assay methods etc.
  • Abstracting with key novel findings
Ontology Development
  • Standardized vocabularies with definitions and synonyms for unified database annotations across different databases¬†
  • Hierarchical organization for aggregation and multi-level comparison of results
  • Explicit bridging relationships between different ontology for exploring underlying mechanism
  • Develop ontology for Indications, Drugs, Technologies, Companies, Targets, Tissues, Processes, Organisms, Localizations, Cell Lines, Molecular Functions, Patient Segment, Biomarkers, and Trial Endpoints