Competitive Intelligence

Pharma Competitive Insights

Integrated scientific, regulatory and competitive insights for decision making and commercial strategy

Conference Planners
  • Covers all major scientific conferences to provide a detailed planner on conference sessions and abstracts, along with their identified MOA, products, disease, scheduling and more to help you and your team plan efficiently
Clinical Trial Intelligence
  • Comprehensive data on the trial design details, primary/secondary endpoints, patient segments, biomarker outcomes, assay methodologies, trial completion
  • Estimate launch timelines
Market events and Catalysts
  • Track and understand the impacts of market events for the companies, diseases, products, targets and clinical trials of your interest.
  • Monitor deals and alliances along with a reliable view into future catalysts
  • Generate comprehensive reports by drawing insights from closely monitoring companies, clinical trials, deals, and regulatory meetings
KOL Mapping
  • Identify thought leaders / Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) that are influential in your therapeutic area of interest. 
  • Monitor the ongoing KOL activity (publications, opinions, and events) to better understand the evolution of their positioning so that you can identify opportunities to engage with them.
Commercial Strategy
  • Up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of drugs, companies, epidemiology, diseases, strategy, and pricing and reimbursement trends